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Renewal our official website

Mar 10, 2023

New Open!!

The new Herencia Artifex website is designed to maximize Mora's logo design compared to the old website. The new website has a more pop and bright atmosphere, and represents the glamorous nature of this project. The new Herencia Artifex website makes it easy to find information about upcoming artists and NFT. The site is designed to allow visitors to learn more about the project's activities at any time, as well as to provide easy access to discord, Instagram, and Twitter for access to special information.

The team members of Herencia Artifex are looking forward to making the activities of this project known to everyone around the world, and the Herencia Artifex website will be user-friendly in terms of visibility and further expanding its information.

Through the activities of Herencia Artifex, we will continue to promote cultural transmission through our artists, while striving to make everyone around the world aware of the appeal of Herencia Artifex and to engage them in our community.

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